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Services we provide


Looking for a contractor that will take your house site or subdivision from a grass paddock to a finished product on time and according to plans? MCL have you covered from basic cut and fill house pads to reshaping a hill side for your subdivision.


No matter what your site looks like to begin with, MCL can complete all types of excavation, land clearing and site preparation projects in the industrial sector to get your project off the ground.


Is your driveway driving you nuts and need an upgrade? MCL can provide drainage, deliver a fresh coat of metal and grade up your driveway till it’s as good as new. Long or short, we’ve got you covered.


We are born and bred in the farming industry and here to help, weather it’s cleaning the edges off your races, digging new or existing drains, installing culverts or any type of drainage, cutting access into hill country or excavating effluent ponds ect. MCL are your one stop shop.


Moving material from A to B is the definition of what we do. MCL can pick up and deliver a range of products such as metal, sand, clay and topsoil anywhere in the Waikato. We can also transport machines up to 16 ton.

Lifestyle Blocks

Do you often hear your family say… “Its about time you got onto that job out that back isn’t it?”. Well MCL is your solution. From installing rock walls, cleaning out water ways and cutting tracks to making privacy bunds, laying down shed pads and piling up those annoying dead trees out the back. MCL are here to make your dream property become reality.

Everything Else

All of the examples above are only a slice of the work MCL can do, but it covers the main sectors. We can also tackle forestry roading, horse arenas, mass contouring, quarry work, pool dig outs and all lifestyle clean up work ect. Get in touch if you have a project you need completed.

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