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Where We Started

For over 25 years Dave has always been a dairy farmer on the family farm in Orini, in 2012 they decided it was time to get a digger to start doing our own work on the farm. From the age of 12 Reece, Daves son, had always taken a keen liking to it. Playing around in it in the weekends, helping upgrade farm races ect. At 16 Reece left school and started doing a course for engineering, after a while of that he realised that wasn't what we wanted to do in life and got a job with a digger contractor. And since then he hasnt been able to leave the seat. After a couple of years he found a job upgrading forest roads, building skids  and tract mainatnce. A little into 2019 they decided it was time to upgrade the old Komatsu digger and get a new one, it hopes that they could turn it into a business. After 3 years in the forestry, the MCL business was starting to get busier, so it was time for Reece to come back and start with MCL, growing it to where it is today, now with 4 staff and a couple of part time truck drivers.

Give us a call and we are more than happy to come out and do a free quote for you.


Our Purpose

At MCL, we believe in standing out from the crowd and doing things different. We don’t take the easy way out, blame others for mistakes or shy away from a challenge. We take ownership over ourselves and the quality of our work to ensure our blood sweet and tears leads to something greater than any individual or paycheck. While today we learn something new to carry with us into tomorrow, we work hard to ensure we are building a future for our team, our families and our community. At MCL we deliver Quality Earthworks.

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